Thanks Goatboy… Thanks GoodMike!

Michael ‘goodmike’ Harrison is writing his blog with the same aim as myself; To use as a learning tool. I found Mike whilst looking for posts/articles about best practices for using RSpec with Rails 3 and Devise and after reading i decided to browse his other posts. One of them mentioned an article that Giles ‘Goatboy’ Bowkett has written that relates in part to my own situation so i decided to give it a read.

When i lost my job i set out to improve myself and my chances of getting another job. And as it happens took the route that Giles himself talks about. I started writing more regulary on this blog and started tweeting more pro-actively (ok so i’m still getting there with my tweeting but hey). Now i’m not saying that “this blog will get me a job” or that “tweeting is the way to a new career” but both will make me more visible to the communities that i would like to work in.

Unfortunately i’m not in a position to buy his video but the article itself has given me confidence that i’m heading in the right direction. So I want to say THANKS! to Giles (and inderectly Mike) for the post.


About distinctinteractive

I graduated 3 years ago from the University of Huddersfield with a 2:1 BA in Interactive Multimedia. After leaving University i worked for a small company in Huddersfield (Offroad Code) mainly helping to maintain a large travel company website. I am currently freelancing as Distinct Interactive. Follow me on Twitter @jimmckerchar
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