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Making MiniTest Output Pretty

Need a nicer test output with Rails and MiniTest? Simple… use Turn Found via:    Advertisements

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Paypal…. again

This series of posts about integrating Paypal Express with Rails 3 has been invaluable!!

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Styling Text Input Placeholder Text

Not a fully cross browser solution but works in FF and Webkit….

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CSS: table border-collapse

Just had to go re-read the docs again for this one so i thought i’d commit it to memory. To remove gaps between table cells, use (I was trying to add it to the cells themselves) NOT

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I’ve been inspired to get on here and write more… by my 10 year old son! After starting a small school newspaper at his school (which he writes) he asked me if i could set him up with his own … Continue reading

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Protecting Assets hosted on Amazon S3

One of the requirements of a website i’m building is that assets uploaded by the website’s users are protected from access outside the website whilst still being accessible from within the site. I’m using Paperclip (Rails 3.1) for uploads and … Continue reading

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