Incorrect Paypal Default Currency In Development Causes Unclaimed Payments in Sandbox

This has just caused me a load of unnecessary worry. The app i’m working on uses Paypal to handle payments and yesterday I noticed that all Payments made to the site were showing a “Unclaimed”. Turns out that I’d already set my default currency to GBP… when Paypal Sandbox requires USD (silly me for preparing my app for the real world).

Once again I’m shocked (not really, i’ve used PayPal before) at how much pain it is to develop using PayPal if you are not a US resident. Personally when it comes to dealing with money through a web app, I’d like to test the app as it would be in “the wild” not set a load of stuff up that will only every work in Dev.

Ah well, I’m not the first person to grumble about PayPal integration and i’m damn sure I won’t be the last.


About distinctinteractive

I graduated 3 years ago from the University of Huddersfield with a 2:1 BA in Interactive Multimedia. After leaving University i worked for a small company in Huddersfield (Offroad Code) mainly helping to maintain a large travel company website. I am currently freelancing as Distinct Interactive. Follow me on Twitter @jimmckerchar
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