Learning Perl 01

  1. Downloaded Padre (which includes Strawberry Perl) and install.
  2. I’m a “web developer” and intend to use Perl for web I so install the mojolicious framework (it was a toss up between that an dancer and i chose Mojolicious due to it’s apparent similarity to Sinatra, time will tell).
  3. Run “hello world” script… kaplah! It works!



  4. Make app.
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Broken Postgres install pain

I spent a good hour debugging failed deployments with Moonshine (for Rails) yesterday. It turned out the problem was a broken postgresql install….

solution: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1415362

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Pretty HTML Output With HAML

HAML, by default in development renders “pretty”, correctly indented HTML output. In production it renders “ugly” output by default. I really appreciate the value of indented html output. If only so that when debugging HTML source (sometime DOM isn’t good enough) you can see the hierarchy of the page. Many an hour has been spent searching for that elusive missing closing


I have however always had problems setting the HAML :ugly option in production…. until now.


It seems that due to changes in the way rails loads, you now have to create an initializer (obvious really) and add the option there.

Haml::Template.options[:ugly] = false
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Incorrect Paypal Default Currency In Development Causes Unclaimed Payments in Sandbox

This has just caused me a load of unnecessary worry. The app i’m working on uses Paypal to handle payments and yesterday I noticed that all Payments made to the site were showing a “Unclaimed”. Turns out that I’d already set my default currency to GBP… when Paypal Sandbox requires USD (silly me for preparing my app for the real world).

Once again I’m shocked (not really, i’ve used PayPal before) at how much pain it is to develop using PayPal if you are not a US resident. Personally when it comes to dealing with money through a web app, I’d like to test the app as it would be in “the wild” not set a load of stuff up that will only every work in Dev.

Ah well, I’m not the first person to grumble about PayPal integration and i’m damn sure I won’t be the last.

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Making MiniTest Output Pretty

Need a nicer test output with Rails and MiniTest? Simple… use Turn

Found via: http://blog.rawonrails.com/2012/01/better-minitest-output-with-turn-gem.html 


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Paypal…. again

This series of posts about integrating Paypal Express with Rails 3 has been invaluable!!




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Styling Text Input Placeholder Text

Not a fully cross browser solution but works in FF and Webkit….


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