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Incorrect Paypal Default Currency In Development Causes Unclaimed Payments in Sandbox

This has just caused me a load of unnecessary worry. The app i’m working on uses Paypal to handle payments and yesterday I noticed that all Payments made to the site were showing a “Unclaimed”. Turns out that I’d already … Continue reading

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Styling Text Input Placeholder Text

Not a fully cross browser solution but works in FF and Webkit….

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CSS: table border-collapse

Just had to go re-read the docs again for this one so i thought i’d commit it to memory. To remove gaps between table cells, use (I was trying to add it to the cells themselves) NOT

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Protecting Assets hosted on Amazon S3

One of the requirements of a website i’m building is that assets uploaded by the website’s users are protected from access outside the website whilst still being accessible from within the site. I’m using Paperclip (Rails 3.1) for uploads and … Continue reading

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Misleading Validation Errors In Spree

Just a reminder that when shipping address fails validation due to “no shipping method” it may be caused by incorrect weight set additional calculators.

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Debugging Mootools 1.2.4, Rails 3 UJS Problems… Solved!

In Times Of Crisis… Spent a whole evening last night trying to get the Mootools Rails 3 UJS driver working correctly. Links created in templates were recognised as having “data-remote” attributes as rails.js applies events on domready but dynamically created … Continue reading

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Only Return Items With An Image Link From Google Base API

I was sure there must be a way to do this but for the life of me couldn’t figure it out… Until I found this thread which had exactly what I was looking for. Just add [item+flags:image] to the query! … Continue reading

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