CSS: table border-collapse

Just had to go re-read the docs again for this one so i thought i’d commit it to memory.

To remove gaps between table cells, use (I was trying to add it to the cells themselves)

table {  border-collapse: collapse;}


td {  border-collapse: collapse;}
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I’ve been inspired to get on here and write more… by my 10 year old son!

After starting a small school newspaper at his school (which he writes) he asked me if i could set him up with his own blog… So I did.

While I helping him set up the blog and explaining how everything works, I realised that I hadn’t written anything here for a while now (Shame on me!) I’m a big believer in writing to help focus thoughts and constantly recommend it to people i know, So I guess i’d better start practicing what i preach!

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Protecting Assets hosted on Amazon S3

One of the requirements of a website i’m building is that assets uploaded by the website’s users are protected from access outside the website whilst still being accessible from within the site. I’m using Paperclip (Rails 3.1) for uploads and there’s a whole load of stuff out there relating to protecting assets stored in pricate AWS S3 buckets. So after a little digging into expiring urls etc. and not really coming up with anything satisfactory, I discovered this post about setting up a bucket policy. Perfect!!

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Misleading Validation Errors In Spree

Just a reminder that when shipping address fails validation due to “no shipping method” it may be caused by incorrect weight set additional calculators.

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Jane’s Addiction – Irresistible Force Remix Opportunity on Indaba Music

As well as coding, i make music under the name made.by.aksium

I’ve just submitted an entry into the Indaba Music Jan’es Addiction remix contest. If you happen to read this, head over to the site and give me a vote.


Check out this submission in Jane’s Addiction – Irresistible Force Remix Opportunity on Indaba Music.

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Error installing Build Essential on new Ubuntu machine

I ran sudo apt-get install… and got this error when setting up a new Ubuntu machine to run Ruby 1.9.2…

“Package build-essential is not available, but is referred to by another package.
This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or
is only available from another source
E: Package build-essential has no installation candidate”

Turns out, simply running “sudo apt-get update” fixes it.

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Freelancing… It’s Official!

I haven’t posted in a while as (after a great deal of consideration) I’ve set myself up as a freelance web developer. It’s been a busy couple of months but not as busy as I’d like. I’m hoping to pick up some new work over the next few weeks and start some follow up work from my existing clients.

My portfolio is at www.distinctinteractive.com


(oh and I’ve been getting back into the music scene as one half of The Cadava Dogs we play guitar and sing songs about stuff)

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