Putting It Down To A(nother) Bad Day…

What a nightmare day. Woke up feeling a bit low and it feels like it’s gone from bad to worse…

The Nightmare Begins

I set up my laptop to crack on with some more specs for the app I’m writing only to find after half an hour that the battery is about to die. Which was odd seeing as it was plugged in! After trying combinations of the various power cables I have, I came to the conclusion that something was a bit wrong.

It seems  to either be a problem with the cable itself or more worrying, a potential problem with the battery. Now i’d much rather for out £25 for a new cable rather than £50 but if it is the battery i could end up forking out £25 every couple of months which i really can’t afford right now so I’m considering buying a new cable and battery this week to be on the safe side. Which is all i need right now!

But not to worry I have a plan… (*NOTE – earlier today i was worried, swearing and stomping around the house ready to throw my laptop out of the window so at the time I wasn’t thinking of it being a plan as such!!)

The Two Towers

I have two towers lying about so I though I’d fix up the faster of the two so I could install the kit I need and crack on. Now this machine has been out of action for a little while as it was having problems turning on but needs must so i fired it up and nothing. After a little poking about (not literally of course) it turns out the memory sticks have burnt out so on to Plan B!

Plan B Or Not Plan B

My other tower is about 10 years old now and sports awhopping 256M of RAM and a 1G processor. Awesome power…. NOT! But it’s a machine and i’m currently without so without further ado i plugged in my HD with Ubuntu Jaunty on it (mainly used by the kids so not much on it!) and booted it up.

So now I’m installing all the various bits of kit i need to get working again. But it’s painfully slow 😦 Ah well could be worse i suppose; we could have a Tory government…. oh yeah… right… shit!


About distinctinteractive

I graduated 3 years ago from the University of Huddersfield with a 2:1 BA in Interactive Multimedia. After leaving University i worked for a small company in Huddersfield (Offroad Code) mainly helping to maintain a large travel company website. I am currently freelancing as Distinct Interactive. Follow me on Twitter @jimmckerchar
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